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The caribou pirate and its crew have headed to the seas to chase coveted board game treasures. The trip lasts three weeks 27.4. - 17.5. and each week the catch is put up for sale at a reduced price!

If you are a registered user and thus belong to the Poro Club, you will receive a hint of each week's catch in advance. Discounts for each week will be posted on the website on Mondays.

Welcome to the spring board game hunt!

3 results.
  1. Sheriff of Nottingham (FI/SE/NO/DK)

    Language: Suomi / Svenska / Norsk / Dansk
    Playing time: 60 min
    Suggested Age: 14+
    Number of players: 3 - 5


    In stock (27 pcs)

  2. Loony Quest (FI/SE/NO/DK)

    Language: Suomi / Svenska / Norsk / Dansk
    Playing time: 20 min
    Suggested Age: 8+
    Number of players: 2 - 5


    In stock (5 pcs)

  3. Realm of Wonder

    Language: Suomi / English
    Playing time: 45 min
    Suggested Age: 10+
    Number of players: 2 - 6


    In stock (7 pcs)