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Golden Geek Winners 2019 Range Header

The 14th Annual Golden Geek Awards for 2019 have been determined! Nearly 10 000 Boardgamegeek users participated in this yearly award ceremony voting in 16 different categories. The clear crowd favorite this year was Wingspan taking seven wins and also winning the best expansion category with Wingspan: The European Expansion. We gathered all the Golden Geek 2019 winners (and runner ups) we have in stock (or available for preorder) in this one category for easy viewing and buying :)

Board Game of the Year

2-Player Game

Artwork Presentation

Card Game

Cooperative Game


Family Game


Party Game

Solo Game

Strategy Game

Thematic Game


In addition to the normal board game categories people also voted on the following board game-related categories: the Best Board Game Podcast was won by Heavy Cardboard, Best Print and Play Game got picked up by TINYforming Mars and the Best Board Game App winner 2019 is Through the Ages - New Leaders & Wonders

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  1. Marvel Champions: The Card Game (LCG Core Set)

    Designer: Michael Boggs, Nate French, Caleb Grace
    Game: Marvel Champions LCG
    Player Maximum: 4
    Player Minimum: 1
    Product: Core Set
    Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
    Shelf: FFG hylly
    Suggested Age: 14+
    Theme: Movies, Comic Book, Superheroes


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