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Planechase 2009: Metallic Dreams

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In stock (2 available)
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Product type
Special Release
Wizards of the Coast


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Product Information

Price (incl. tax)€55.21
Price (excl. tax)€55.21
AvailabilityIn stock (2 available)
Shipping (estimate)€31.95
Product typeSpecial Release
ManufacturerWizards of the Coast

Product Description

Metallic Dreams

The "Metallic Dreams" deck uses the power of artifacts to quickly produce the mana needed to cast powerful, mana-hungry creatures. Planeswalk to the Hippodrome to bog down combat while you amass your forces, then demolish the opposition.


Creature (23)

1 Arcbound Slith

1 Copper Myr

1 Gold Myr

1 Iron Myr

1 Leaden Myr

1 Silver Myr

1 Vedalken Engineer

1 Suntouched Myr

1 Wizard Replica

1 Master of Etherium

1 Sarcomite Myr

1 Arcbound Crusher

2 Etched Oracle

1 Lodestone Myr

1 Arsenal Thresher

1 Sludge Strider

2 Myr Enforcer

1 Pentavus

1 Bosh, Iron Golem

1 Qumulox

1 Broodstar

Sorcery (1)

1 Fabricate

Instant (3)

1 Keep Watch

1 Thirst for Knowledge

1 Whiplash Trap

Artifact (10)

1 Cranial Plating

2 Pentad Prism

1 Loxodon Warhammer

1 Nuisance Engine

1 Serum Tank

2 Skeleton Shard

1 Door to Nothingness

1 Darksteel Forge

Land (23)

3 Plains

8 Island

3 Swamp

2 Mountain

1 Forest

1 Ancient Den

1 Great Furnace

2 Seat of the Synod

1 Tree of Tales

1 Vault of Whispers