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<br/Mahdollisesti kaikkien aikojen paras tietokonestrategiapeli lautapeliversiona. Rakenna loisteliain valtakunta ja jätä muut pelaajat varjoosi!
Soveltuu 2-4 pelaajalle ja pelikerta kestää n. 3-4 tuntia.

Fantasy Flightin sivuilta:

A great, wide world awaits your burgeoning empire. There are remarkable wonders to create, vast cities to build, and sprawling lands to discover. Can you lead your civilization to greatness? Build the future of your dreams with Sid Meier?s Civilization: The Board Game! Based on the widely popular video game by Sid Meier, Civilization: The Board Game is a board game of empire building in which 2-4 players compete to establish the most successful civilization of all time. Take control of powerful leaders from throughout history and lead great military campaigns, become the cultural hub of the world, or advance your technology into the stars. The world is at your fingertips.

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Price (incl. tax)€69.95
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PublisherFantasy Flight Games
DesignerKevin Wilson
Suggested Age12+
Player Maximum4
Player Minimum2
Playing time180 min