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Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.

Sell us your Pokémon-cards!

Did you suddenly find crazy amounts of Pokémon-cards hidden in the back of your closet? Don't recycle them just yet! These cute little cards can actually be worth quite a bit. And what's even better - you don't have to understand a thing about Pokémon to earn money from your old cards!

We've created the easiest card-selling system in the world. We buy your old cards, and pay either in cash or in credits. Credits are our own kind of in-store money, and can be used to buy any Poromagia- and Retromagia-products. We always offer better compensation in credits - so why not sell us your old cards, and buy some shiny new ones instead?

How does selling work in practice?

If all this Pokémonstuff sounds like gibberish to you - don't read any further! Simply gather your cards, and bring them to our store. We'll handle everything for you! However, if you still somewhat understand what's going on - by all means, keep on reading!

It's usually a good idea to start off by checking the age of your cards. Are your cards new or old Pokémon Trading Cards? If your cards are from 2011 or later, they count as new. You can find the publishing year at the bottom of your cards (pictured below). If your cards are from 2011 to 2021, you can find their credit value on this list. If your cards are new, but can't be found on the list, they're probably nearly worthless. Unfortunately, every card can't be a goldmine!

Pokémon from 1995-2020


Even though the layout has changed a bit, the publishing year can always be found at the bottom of the card. 


Even though we mostly deal in credits, we also pay for cards in "actual" money. In these cases, the sum we pay is a bit smaller, and the sum is always calculated separately for every case.

If your treasure hunt resulted in cards from decades long gone, their value isn't directly available on our site. With older cards it's always best to contact us directly at

When examining Pokémon, it's always a good idea to start from the rarest cards. The card value is based on how the card looks - in other words: the shinier, the better!


Some cards are especially valuable, such as these gems. Pictured an Ultra Rare Mewtwo GX, a Hyper Rare (or Rainbow Rare) Mewtwo GX, and a Holo Rare Mewtwo.

Even though your collection might not be bursting with super rare cards, it might still be worth something. We gladly accept "normal" cards as well, such as common cards or common rare cards. If your cards are almost worthless, you can always sell them to us by kilogram! One kilogram equals around 650 cards, and is worth 5 credits. However - we don't accept basic energy cards in kilo-credit cases (pictured below). Crediting by kilogram is an efficient way to get rid of big masses of cards easily.


Pokémon need energy before a big fight. Energy-cards are necessary, but unfortunately usually quite worthless. Therefore, we don't give credit for basic energy cards.


When the deal is sealed by email, you can either bring the cards to our store, or mail them to us.

Poromagia Oy


Hämeentie 1

00530 Helsinki

Please note!Always mail your package to our address, not to Posti's automats.

You can always bring your cards to our store in Hakaniemi, no pre-sorting necessary. In these cases, we fix everything from start to finish, and you can just relax and wait for our offer. Our offer usually appears in your email inbox within three working days. When bringing cards to the store, you actually don't have to be in touch per email beforehand - nifty, right?

So- what are you still waiting for? Dig out those Pokémon and reach out to us at We look forward to making exciting Pokémon-deals! :)

You can pick up some new Pokémon-goodies here!