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Promo Pack Campaign

Black Friday introduces a brand new Zendikar Rising Promo pack campaign!

By purchasing normal-priced or discounted MTG singles or products (minimum € 50), you will receive Zendikar Rising Promo Pack containing some Magic delicacies.

The campaign is valid on Friday 27.11. from 00:00 to Sun 29.11. until 23:59. The promotion is valid both online and in-store as long as there are enough Promo Packs (there is a huge pile of packs, but we will let you know immediately if they run out).

Campaign terms

  • 1x Zendikar Rising Promo Pack for MTG purchases over € 50 *
  • 1x Zendikar Rising Foil Promo Pack for MTG purchases over € 100
  • For MTG purchases over € 150, both Promo Packs will be added
  • maximum 1x Promo Pack and 1x Foil Promo Pack per customer.

*= The total amount of MTG purchases (single cards and other products) in the order must exceed the limit that qualifies for the Promo Pack.

Here's what you will find inside a Zendikar Rising Promo Pack:

  • Rare/Mythic Card from Zendikar Rising (anything but Modal Double-Faced cards)
  • Rare/Mythic from a curated list (including Modern & Commander-focused cards)
  • Dark Frame Common/Uncommon from Zendikar Rising
  • Arena Code card

Foil Pack includes a bit shinier cards to no-ones surprise. ;) 

Now go and make some magical findings!