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The Release of Double Masters is right around the corner and the set includes a nice amount of long wanted reprints! As well as people playing the competitive formats, Commander players will receive a pretty decent amount of playables and this article will cover the coolest picks for your Commander-deck! 

The Double Masters Draft Boosters will come with two slots for Rare’s and Mythic’s so the possibility for pulling the nuts from these packs is even more pushed than in previous masters sets. The VIP-edition will include two box toppers which are from a curated list of rares and mythics (and some classics from other slots) that come as borderless art versions of the cards, all but one in completely new arts! 

So how about the boosters? For commander players the boosters include some pretty nice reprints. As for the possible commanders themselves, Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice and Breya, Etherium Shaper get a reprint in Double Masters. In addition for the four color classic commanders there will be Kaalia of The Vast and Riku of two Reflections getting a reprint from the original precon commanders. Breya gets the first and probably well hoped reprint of the card itself in this set. 

On the Artifact side there will be a reprint for Mana Crypt for once again! This reprint is well awaited as this card is fairly powerful and can be put to virtually any EDH deck. In addition to that, Chrome Mox and Mox Opal will be printed and at least the Mox Opal will become more accessible for many players by this reprint! As of artifacts the baddest creature of them all, Blightsteel Colossus, gets its first reprint! There will be many nice equipment in the set as well and the five Swords will get reprinted as well. At least the Sword of Feast and Famine as well as Sword of Fire and Ice are very nice in many formats and will do their favor for EDH players as well. 

More cycles! The whole cycle of reflections will get a reprint and the black and white ones will be awaited reprints for their demand. The other three work pretty nice in EDH too! 

On behalf of the land cards the two-color filter-lands will get a whole cycle printed and for some of them this is the very first time they are printed after the original print. These work pretty nice in EDH and as of now it looks there will be a good supply of these cards available. 

In the rare and mythic slots there are a ton of good cards for EDH but the commons and uncommons include some staples too. Let’s start from the beginning of the alphabets: Abrade will be reprinted as a common in Double Masters! Abrade sees in my opinion too little play as it is pretty decent removal for artifacts or even for some problematic creatures like Gaddock Teeg! It also is enough to get rid of your opponents Tymna for example, so this card should absolutely get more respect - at least in mono red! For lower powerlevel the Ash Barrens makes a return and it can be put in almost any deck. At it’s best it is in some land matters decks. Auriok Salvagers and Basalt Monolith are printed in uncommon slot with Buried Ruin

The land tutor of the times, Crop Rotation gets another reprint after Mystery Booster. Also Disciple of the Vault gets its first reprint! Originally printed as a common in Mirrodin the card is now printed as uncommon. A nice card in some combo decks! Artifact theme is pretty strong in the set and in the common slot you can find some nice artifacts like Eveflowing Chalice and Expedition Map

EDH staple Lightning Greaves gets another run in this set. A modern and legacy artifact all-star Mishra’s Bauble gets another reprint and is gladly greeted by Emry or Urza players as it is one of the best tools for these decks. For the same theme we will receive the Myr Retriever which can recur for example the Bauble just mentioned! 

One of the most anticipated reprint for this set is the pauper-favorite Oubliette! Oubliette has been printed in Arabian Nights only. Oubliette will probably become well available for all players as it is printed as an uncommon. This card is a good addition to black to get rid of problematic creatures! Also a “masters set regular” Path to Exile gets another reprint as an uncommon and this will mean that EDH-players will get once again some decently priced removal cards for their deck. Blue gets also Pongify and green gets it’s classic Reclamation Sage so there will be removal spells in the boosters for everyone to get! 

All in all the Double Masters seems to gather a decent pile of awaited reprints for commander players as well. The most delicious way to get your hands on to these cards is to take part in the Double Masters draft where you will take part in raffles for box toppers and also can play over a good price pool! If draft isn’t your thing just grab couple of boosters and take your chance on finding some cool cards for your EDH deck!

Pekka "Löhis" Löhönen