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Poro GP Modern took place this Saturday with 54 participants in the tournament. The following players best the competition for Top 8: Olli Raudus, Andrei Häyrynen, Niko Korhonen, Arno Laine, Rasmus Mellanen, Ville Arminen, Quentin Leroy and Timo Karhunen. Olli Raudus won the event playing Jund winning Andrei Häyrynen's Junk Midrange in the finals. The Top 8 was very "midrangy" in general, as we had 3 Jund, 1 Junk, 1 Merfolk, 1 GR Tron, 1 RUG Scapeshift and 1 copy of WB Martyr as our decks in the top 8. The decklists of said decks can be found from Porotour's own website.

I'm left to wonder how to describe Andrei's Poro Tour series dominance anymore.. he's simply on his own level. To put it bluntly, it was just another day in the office. 

The individual rankings remained very much the same after the GP but team rankings saw some changes. Birdlife Helsinki (95 points) took a firm ten point lead to the second place #PetoOnIrti (85 points), who were totally absent last weekend. Olgoon Magic Ganssanne solidified it's position in the third place with Olli Raudus' win. You can find the complete rankings in here.

While Modern is being dominated by Midrange here in Finland, different approaches were the driving forces in the two GPs played last week. Andreas Ganz won Charlotte Ad Nauseam and Simon Slutsky was victorius with Merfolk in Los Angeles.

Have a good Monday everybody,

Sami Häggkvist