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Feather, the Redeemed

This week we will cover a Feather, the Redeemed deck in our Deck Check Portion! Sunforger, Conqueror's Flail, and card draw spells such as Psychotic Fury are the core of the deck.

Poroskooppi will begin a new series of "Top 10 Commander Cards" articles from this article on! These articles will be published every other week. In this article, we will start from the first color in the palette, white. Deck Check will once again cover something spicy and tasty so be sure to stay with us until the very end! 

In Magic: the Gathering, white has always been a creature-based color with taxing effects and mass removal. In this article, I will list my favorite ten cards from white in commander format! 

10. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

From the cycle of Praetors, Elesh Norn has probably one of the strongest effects on the battlefield. In this creature, you will find a very powerful anthem-effect with a one-sided board wipe also included in the package. If you are about to play white in your deck and you trust in sheer attack power, this card is a staple for your deck. With seven mana you also get a very decent 4/7 Vigilance creature to block the threats of your opponents now shrunk creatures. In the reanimator archetype, this will slow down the creature-based decks a lot. 

9. Sun Titan

Sun Titan

From Praetors to Titans, Sun Titan is a nice take from its own cycle of creatures. All creatures except the Primeval Titan (which we already covered in the previous article of bans and restrictions) from this cycle are legal in the commander. The white titan will return permanents from your graveyard to the battlefield when it enters the battlefield as well as when it attacks. You can abuse this with something like Peacekeeper or just to play pure value returning whatever you need to get back! In the worst case, Sun Titan offers you mana advantage if you happen to have fetch land in your graveyard. 

8. Heliod's Intervention

Heliod's Intervention

Theros Beyond Death introduced some very neat cards! The white Intervention is probably the most powerful in commander giving you the opportunity to smash multiple artifacts or enchantments with one shot and in instant speed! In case you are struggling with low life total this card might give you the needed amount of life to remain in the game for a critical tad longer. All in all, a good addition to the removal palette of white with an extra twist!

7. Serra Ascendant

Serra Ascendant

From this list, you will find a total of three creatures. Let's get serious: The Serra Ascendant is broken in commander format. This creature is eventually one-mana 6/6 Flying Lifelink creature that will easily swing the life totals for your advantage thus making it a powerful beat stick especially in competitive EDH. Its probably the most powerful one mana creature in commander if you condemn by the stats. 

6. Sevinne's Reclamation

Sevinne's Reclamation

How about Sun Titan's effect with three mana and a flashback? This spell lets you return the important combo pieces from your graveyard back to the battlefield. Printed with some other nice cards in Commander 2019, this card is a must include for everyone who wants to return their important permanents back to action. And despite that, you might still want to play it to just gain value from your once used permanents or to return your beloved Serra Ascendant back to the game. 

5. Swords to Plowshares

Swords to Plowshares

This removal doesn't really need handshakes or hellos. The Peanutbutter and jelly of every white commander deck, this removal is probably the most efficient answer to any creature in the format. The life gain is not as critical in the 40 starting life total format so there is possibly no reason not to play this if you play white color in your deck. 

4. Silence


Shutting down your opponent's combo turn or protecting your own combo with only one mana is a very strong effect. If you play combo and white, I highly suggest you play silence. It's a very straight forward effect for such a low mana cost that playing it in your deck doesn't actually demand anything. Despite casting spells, your opponents are still able to use abilities but that hardly is a problem. 

3. Angel's Grace

Angel's Grace

What if you would lose the game but instantly you don't? Angel's Grace is like the big sister of Silence but instead of stopping people from casting spells, it grants you some extra space to breathe. It also stops things that your opponent's play that would win the game, as they can't and you cannot lose. Paired with Ad Nauseam, this card also lets you draw your whole deck. Split-second ability also says that this spell is probably going to resolve in the first place anyway so it has deserved its slot this high on the list.

2. Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe

This card gets really good when you have more than one enemy. Getting mana advantage with white color is pretty good and casting such cards as Windfall and Wheel of Fortune in combination with this enchantment, you will probably end up having such a pile of treasures that you can literally cast anything. 

1. Land Tax

Land Tax

Ancestral Recall is banned in commander but it's white version lets you probably draw three cards - they will all be basic lands though. Land Tax is card advantage and mana fixing in the same package and casting all this with just one mana. The white color is lacking card draw effects so this is why this card is worth getting the first place on this list. 

Deck Check

Our theme color in this article is white so in Deck Check, we will look into Arno Laine's white red Feather, the Redeemed commander deck. The budget for this deck is far on the expensive side and it is built for competitive EDH.

Magus of the Moon

White-Red, also known as Boros will usually need some taxing or restricting effects, such as Stranglehold, Aven Mindcensor, Magus of The Moon and Aura of Silence.

Boros is considered one of the weaker color combinations in Magic though red as a color has received some very strong cards lately. Such cards are for example Underworld Breach and Dockside Extortionist. These two cards have helped to raise the power level of red on a whole new level! Both of these cards can be found in this deck as well. 

Feather, the Redeemed was introduced in War of The Spark and it became straight away one of the best Boros commanders. Its excellence can be found in its ability to re-buy card drawing spells that target it. This way the deck can build up card advantage and in addition to being a flying attacker, it is also the main card draw engine for the deck. Another card advantage tool is equipment Sunforger which can tutor for red or white spells for various purposes from the player's deck. 

The deck includes some winning combos. For example with Underworld Breach, Lion's Eye Diamond and Wheel of Fortune the player can chain multiple draws and completely empty the opponent's decks. Angel's Grace can be used not to lose the game for drawing from an empty deck thus leading the opponents to lose the game. Another possibility is to make infinite mana with Auriok Salvagers and Lion's Eye Diamond and tutor all your good spells with Sunforger.


Angel's Grace

Sunforger can tutor for white or red spells. In case they are drawn naturally, they can be cast also the normal way. Silence, Angel's Grace and Fists of Flame are important cards in the deck's strategy.

The last resort, if all fails is the legendary: Beats by Boros! Because of the commander damage rule, the player may buff the Feather by chaining some spells and then finish the enemies off one by one with one or two hits. To keep in pace with other decks, white-red will probably want to play some taxing effects. The color combination lacks the insanely good tutors from black so the best way to counteract this is to play cards like Magus of The Moon, Stranglehold, and Aura of Silence. 

The deck is a very interesting entity and playing Boros in a competitive environment is a bold move overall! All in all, Feather is a very solid draw engine and built around the Sunforger, the deck can overcome the usual weaknesses of Boros. 

Budget wise the deck is built with a hefty amount of money, but the core of the deck consisting of Feather and the cheap cantrips do not cost too much. I dare to state that this kind of engine could be implemented also to the less competitive meta.

Deck: Arno Laine
Budget: 5/5


 Commander (1) Artifact (20)
1Feather, the Redeemed1Chrome Mox
 Creature (19)1Lion's Eye Diamond
1Goblin Welder1Lotus Petal
1Weathered Wayfarer1Mana Crypt
1Dockside Extortionist1Mox Amber
1Goblin Engineer1Mox Diamond
1Puresteel Paladin1Mox Opal
1Relic Seeker1Pyrite Spellbomb
1Robber of the Rich1Sol Ring
1Stoneforge Mystic1Arcane Signet
1Aven Mindcensor1Boros Signet
1Goblin Matron1Coldsteel Heart
1Imperial Recruiter1Conqueror's Flail
1Magus of the Moon1Fellwar Stone
1Ranger-Captain of Eos1Fire Diamond
1Recruiter of the Guard1Marble Diamond
1Simian Spirit Guide1Talisman of Conviction
1Treasure Nabber1Sunforger
1Auriok Salvagers1Aetherflux Reservoir
1Linvala, Keeper of Silence1Memory Jar
1Treasonous Ogre Land (26)
 Planeswalker (1)1Ancient Tomb
1Karn, the Great Creator1Arid Mesa
 Enchantment (6)1Battlefield Forge
1Underworld Breach1Bloodstained Mire
1Aura of Silence1Buried Ruin
1Blood Moon1City of Brass
1Moat1Command Tower
1Smothering Tithe1Flooded Strand
1Stranglehold1Gemstone Caverns
 Instant (22)1Inspiring Vantage
1Crimson Wisps1Mana Confluence
1Defiant Strike1Marsh Flats
1Enlightened Tutor1Mistveil Plains
1Expedite1Prismatic Vista
1Lightning Bolt1Rugged Prairie
1Magnetic Theft1Sacred Foundry
1Niveous Wisps1Scalding Tarn
1Silence1Snow-Covered Mountain
1Tithe1Snow-Covered Plains
1Abeyance1Sunbaked Canyon
1Abrade1Tarnished Citadel
1Boros Charm1Windswept Heath
1Desperate Ritual1Wooded Foothills
1Fists of Flame  
1Psychotic Fury  
1Pyretic Ritual  
1Thrill of Possibility  
1Generous Gift  
1Seething Song  
1Sulfurous Blast  


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Pekka "Löhis" Löhönen