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The first Legacy-series event of the year gathered 60 players to compete for the trophy, store credits, and the precious Legacy-series points. The player who collects the most points from four Legacy-series events gets an invite to Poro Tour Invitational tournament, which is held at the end of 2020. If you missed the results of the first Poro Tour Modern #1 main tournament, you can find the top 8 player profiles and decklists here

The finals of Legacy-series #1 was played between Maxim Tikhomirov (Aluren) and Roman Nicolayev (Grixis Delver/Tempo). Both of these players arrived to compete from St. Petersburg, Russia and have had former success in Poro Legacy events. Maxim took the tournament down with his wicked Aluren deck, featuring Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath from Theros Beyond Death. Uro was featured in multiple different archetypes and the main consensus between the Legacy players was that it is a real hard hitter even in eternal formats.

Congratulations to Maxim for winning the first-ever Poromagia's Legacy-series event! The updated Poro Point standings after the first PoroFest weekend can be found from the Poro Point Sheet.


Legacy-series #1 Metagame 
Bant Control5
UR Delver5
Grixis Delver4
Eldrazi Post2
Eldrazi Stompy2
Golgari Depths2
Jeskai Breach2
UW Miracles2
4C Control1
4C Snowblade1
4C UrOko Loam1
5C Loam1
BR Reanimator1
BUG Delver1
BUG Midrange1
BUG Zenith1
Death & Taxes1
Dragon Stompy1
Four Horsemen1
Grixis Control1
Jeskai Mentor1
MHZ Limited1
Mono-G Post1
Mono-R Painter1
Mono-R Prison1
Painter's Breach1
Red Eldrazi Stompy1
RUG Delver1
Steel Stompy1
Thassa's Lash1
UB Death's Shadow1
UG 10-Post1
UG Omnitell1
UW Stoneblade1
UWr Stoneblade1


Top 8 Player Profiles & Decklists 


 Joonas Himmanen - Gurmagless Grixis Delver 3rd - 4th  
 Creature (13) Sideboard
4Delver of Secrets4Leyline of the Void
3Dreadhorde Arcanist1Null Rod
2Young Pyromancer1Brazen Borrower
2Brazen Borrower2Painful Truths
2Young Pyromancer1Abrade
 Instant (19)1Mystic Sanctuary
2Fatal Push3Pyroblast
1Force of Negation2Plague Engineer
4Force of Will  
4Lightning Bolt  
 Sorcery (9)  
 Land (19)  
3Underground Sea  
3Volcanic Island  
2Scalding Tarn  
2Polluted Delta  
2Misty Rainforest  
2Flooded Strand  



Joonas Himmanen


Profession / what are you doing? Student / Research Assistant

Home town:Jyväskylä

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career?Winning the Sensei's Divining Shop Invitational.

Which deck did you play, why? Gurmagless Grixis Delver. The deck was great at the invitational and it seemed like a better fit for the current metagame than UR Delver.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Brazen Borrower. The card does everything from offense to bouncing a 20/20 Marit Lage token. I run 3 in the 75 but I am getting a feeling that a 4th one could be in place.

Who wins today (if not you)?I don't know the full top 8 just yet, but either Roope Metsä or Mikael Heikinheimo.


 Simo Lagerspetz - Doomsday 5th - 8th  
 Creature (6) Sideboard
2Baleful Strix1Veil of Summer
2Street Wraith2Abrupt Decay
2Thassa's Oracle2Divining Witch
 Enchantment (1)1Defense Grid
1Sylvan Library2Fatal Push
 Artifact (3)1Pernicious Deed
2Lotus Petal2Flusterstorm
1Lion's Eye Diamond1Faerie Macabre
 Instant (16)1Surgical Extraction
4Force of Will1Thought Lash
4Dark Ritual1Cavern of Souls
3Veil of Summer  
 Sorcery (16)  
1Edge of Autumn  
 Land (18)  
4Misty Rainforest  
4Polluted Delta  
1Mystic Sanctuary  
1Snow-Covered ISland  
1Snow-Covered Swamp  
1Fetid Pools  
3Underground Sea  
1Tropical Island  
1Verdant Catacombs  



Simo Lagerspetz

Age: 28

Profession / what are you doing? Student

Home town: Espoo

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? All Vintage tournaments at the old shop and in Tampere.

Which deck did you play, why? Doomsday. I got to borrow it.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Divining Witch

Who wins today (if not you)? Juha Ihonen


 Maxim Tikhomirov - Aluren 1st  
 Creature (19) Sideboard
2Brazen Borrower2Carpet of Flowers
1Cauldron Familiar1Collector Ouphe
3Cavern Harpy3Leyline of the Void
4Gilded Goose1Liliana, the Last Hope
3Ice-Fang Coatl2Plague Engineer
1Leovold, Emissary of Trest1Scavenging Ooze
2Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath2Thron of Amethyst
3Shardless Agent1Umezawa's Jitte
 Planeswalker (2)2Veil of Summer
2Oko, Thief of Crowns  
 Instant (11)  
3Abrupt Decay  
4Force of Will  
 Sorcery (4)  
2Green Sun's Zenith  
 Enchantment (3)  
 Land (21)  
1Dryad Arbor  
4Misty Rainforest  
4Polluted Delta  
2Snow-Covered Forest  
2Snow-Covered Island  
1Snow-Covered Swamp  
3Tropical Island  
2Underground Sea  
1Verdant Catacombs  



Maxim Tikhomirov

Age: 38

Profession / what are you doing? Development

Home town: Saint Petersburg, Russia

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? 3rd - 4th place in Finnish National Legacy tournament.

Which deck did you play, why? I play Aluren because it's a very interesting deck and I like combo decks in Magic.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Who wins today (if not you)? Roman Nikolaev


 Juha Ihonen - 4C Uroko Loam 3rd - 4th  
 Creature (11) Sideboard
4Dark Confidant1Collector Ouphe
4Knight of the Reliquary1Golgari Charm
1Scavenging Ooze1Kunoros, Hound of Athreos
2Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath4Leyline of the Void
 Instant (4)2Plague Engineer
4Abrupt Decay1Reclamation Sage
 Sorcery (4)2Swords to Plowshares
2Green Sun's Zenith2Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2Life from the Loam1The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
 Planeswalker (4)  
1Teferi, Time Raveler  
3Oko, Thief of Crowns  
 Artifact (4)  
4Chalice of the Void  
4Mox Diamond  
 Enchantment (2)  
2Sylvan Library  
 Land (27)  
1Barren Moor  
1Blast Zone  
1Bojuka Bog  
1Cabal Pit  
1Dryad Arbor  
1Maze of Ith  
1Tranquil Thicket  
2Tropical Island  
1Underground Sea  
4Verdant Catacombs  
1Waterlogged Grove  
2Winswept Heath  



Juha Ihonen

Age: 37

Profession / what are you doing?Teacher

Home town:Espoo

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? Winning the Kommunitationals Invitational.

Which deck did you play, why? 4C UrOko Loam. Uro, the Nature's Wrath is absolutely insane card.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Who wins today (if not you)? Pekka Lepistö!


 Pekka Lepistö - UR Delver 5th - 8th  
 Creature (14) Sideboard
4Delver of Secrets4Leyline of the Void
3Young Pyromancer3Pyroblast
3True-Name Nemesis2Smash to Smithereens
4Dreadhorde Arcanist1Price of Progress
 Instant (18)2Brazen Borrower
4Lightning Bolt1Hydroblast
4Brainstorm1Null Rod
4Daze1Pyrostatic pillar
4Force of Will  
2Force of Negation  
 Sorcery (10)  
4Chain Lightning  
 Land (18)  
2Snow-Covered Island  
1Snow-Covered Mountain  
3Volcanic Island  
4Scalding Tarn  
2Polluted Delta  
1Flooded Strand  
1Misty Rainforest  



Pekka Lepistö


Profession / what are you doing? Procurement Specialist

Home town:Hyvinkää

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? I beat Jyri Lind's Eldrazi deck. It is a devastating match up. Editor's note: Pekka read the question as "highlight of this tournament?".

Which deck did you play, why? I tested Grixis Delver but the mana base of UR delver felt better so I decided to choose the more simple option.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Dreadhorde Arcanist and Delver of Secrets have been busy.

Who wins today (if not you)?  Roope Metsä


 Roman Nikolaev - Grixis Tempo 2nd  
 Creature (13) Sideboard
4Delver of Secrets2Grafdigger's Cage
2Young Pyromancer2Surgical Extraction
2Brazen Borrower2Abrade
3Dreadhorde Arcanist3Pyroblast
2Gurmag Angler1Null Rod
 Instant (19)2Plague Engineer
4Brainstorm1Painful Truths
4Force of Will  
1Force of Negation  
2Fatal Push  
4Lightning Bolt  
 Sorcery (9)  
 Land (19)  
1Scalding Tarn  
3Misty Rainforest  
2Polluted Delta  
2Flooded Strand  
3Underground Sea  
3Volcanic Island  



Roman Nikolaev

Age: 37

Profession / what are you doing? Lawyer

Home town: Saint Petersburg, Russia

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? Winning Poro GP Legacy in 2019. I made a couple of top 8's before I finally got there!

Which deck did you play, why? Grixis Tempo, because it has game vs every other deck in the Legacy format.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Counterbalance, because it's an interesting catch-all type of card. It can be used in tempo match-ups and vs combo and control.

Who wins today (if not you)? I give my vote for Doomsday combo (Simo Lagerspetz) because that archetype is rare to see and funny.


 Dmitry Zelyanin - Eldrazi Post 5th - 8th  
 Creature (10) Sideboard
1Emrakul, the Promised End1Wurmcoil Engine
2Golod, Tireless Pilgrim1Sorcerous Spyglass
4Thought-Knot Seer1Trinisphere
1Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger1Ensnaring Bridge
2Wurmcoil Engine1Liquimetal Coating
 Sorcery (1)4Leyline of the Void
1All is Dust1Mycosynth Lattice
 Planeswalker (6)1Ratchet Bomb
4Karn, the Great Creator1Tormod's Crypt
2Ugin, the Spirit Dragon1Walking Ballista
 Artifact (17)2Warping Wail
1Candelabra of Tawnos  
4Chalice of the Void  
4Grim Monolith  
2Manifold Key  
2Sorcerous Spyglass  
2Thran Dynamo  
 Land (26)  
1Blast Zone  
1Cascading Cataracts  
1Cavern of Souls  
3Eldrazi Temple  
1Eye of Ugin  
1Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth  
1City of Traitors  
4Ancient Tomb  
1Thespian's Stage  



Dmitry Zelyanin

Age: 37

Profession / what are you doing? Support Engineer, Tier 2

Home town: Saint Petersburg, Russia

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? Making day 2 in GP Bologna in 2019 with Eldrazi Post.

Which deck did you play, why? Eldrazi Post (actually Karn Post), because it hoses combo decks so hard and can kill from different angles. Also, casting powerful spells and watching opponents face losing hope is sweet. :) 

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Karn, the Great Creator and Golos, Tireless Pilgrim. Match made in heaven.

Who wins today (if not you)?Roman Nikolaev, because he is the most experienced Legacy player in the whole Russia.


 Roope Metsä - Bant Control 5th - 8th  
 Creature (5) Sideboard
2Snapcaster Mage2Blood Moon
2Ice-Fang Coatl2Blue Elemental Blast
1Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath1Containment Priest
 Planeswalker (6)1Deafening Clarion
3Oko, Thief of Crowns1Grafdigger's Cage
1Teferi, Time Raveler1Monastery Mentor
2Jace, the Mind Sculptor1Pyroblast
 Artifact (4)1Red Elemental Blast
4Arcum's Astrolabe1Rest in Peace
 Enchantment (2)2Return to Nature
2Counterbalance1Surgical Extraction
 Instant (15)1Veil of Summer
1Force of Negation  
4Force of Will  
1Spell Pierce  
4Swords to Plowshares  
 Sorcery (8)  
1Entreat the Angels  
 Land (20)  
4Flooded Strand  
4Misty Rainforest  
1Mystic Sanctuary  
1Polluted Delta  
1Snow-Covered Forest  
4Snow-Covered Island  
2Snow-Covered Plains  
1Tropical Island  
1Volcanic Island  



Roope Metsä


Profession / what are you doing? Uro-Controller

Home town:Helsinki

What is the best memory/highlight of your Magic gaming career? Winning a Two-Headed Giant Poro GP. 

Which deck did you play, why? Bant Control, because I got to borrow it.

Which card(s) performed best in the deck today? Arcrum's Astrolabe. It fixed my mana through the tournament.

Who wins today (if not you)?Simo Lagerspetz