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Board Game Price Slash Blog Header

Our mascot went a bit crazy and slashed permanently some of our board game prices! 

Check out the new reduced prices below :)

TuoteVanha hintaUusi hinta
Bunny Kingdom44.9542.95
Kingdom Builder (FI/SE/NO/DK)39.9537.95
London (2nd Edition)44.9539.95
Teotihuacan: City of Gods49.9547.95
Tzolk'in The Mayan Calendar44.9539.95
Tzolk'in: Tribes & Prophecies28.9524.95
Viticulture Essential Edition57.9554.95
Zombicide: Green Horde99.9594.95
Zombicide: Black Plague104.9594.95
Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant74.9569.95
Forum Trajanum49.9544.95
Yellow & Yangtze59.9552.95
Ghost Stories44.9539.95
Dungeon Lords44.9539.95
Western Legends67.9564.95
One Night Ultimate Super Villains25.9523.95
Ticket to Ride (FI/SE/NO/DK)44.9539.95
Ticket to Ride Eurooppa (FI/SE/NO/DK)44.9539.95
Race for the Galaxy34.9531.95
This War of Mine67.9564.95
Boss Monster: Crash Landing12.9511.95
Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids59.9557.95
Pandemic (FI / SE)35.9532.95
Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck21.9519.95
KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Set44.9539.95
KeyForge Call of the Archons Archon Deck Bundle31.9529.95
KeyForge: Age of Ascension Archon Deck Bundle31.9529.95
Scythe Encounters21.9519.95
Catan (5th Edition)49.9534.95
Catanin Uudisasukkaat: Korttipeli17.9514.95
Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides31.9529.95
Robin Hood and the Merry Men74.9565.95
Carcassonne: Safari34.9529.95
Founders of Gloomhaven64.9559.95
Stratego Original (FI)29.9524.95
T.I.M.E. Stories: The Hadal Project24.9519.95
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game69.9565.95
Realm of Wonder36.9529.95
Allies: Realm of Wonder14.959.95
7 Wonders (FI/SE/DK/NO)35.9532.95
Clans of Caledonia67.9559.95
Azul (FI/SE/NO/DK)39.9536.95
Tiny Epic Galaxies39.9534.95
Mysterium (FI/SE/NO/DK)39.9537.95