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Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad is now in the books. As expected, Standard took major steps forward as a format. Bant Company and Humans decks that have dominated SCG events over the past few weekends were the most played archetypes. Both of the decks had huge bullseyes on top of their heads and it definitely showed. These decks had fairly good, but not spectacular, conversion rates to Day 2: Bant Company (56%) & Mono W Humans (70%) UW Humans (65%). The best performing decks, with more than 5 copies in the tournament, by this metric were BG Aristocrats (92%) ja GW Tokens (90%). In addition to these decks, the field had a variety of different Midrange and Control approaches. Some of the stronger ones were Finkel's GB Seasons Past Control and Manfield's Esper Walkers decks.

Top 8 sensationally featured eight different decks. This bodes well for the current Standard format and really showcases the amount of options you have at hand when choosing a deck for Poro Tour Standard & Nationals.

We had three Finns representing our country in Madrid and while greater success in terms of results was not accomplished, I'm sure all of the players had a great experience playing at the biggest stage of the game. The Top 8 was perhaps the greatest of all time. Especially Finkel's sixteenth Top 8 and LSV's back-to-back Top 8s were both tremendous accomplishments.

My favourite decks after the PT are GB Aristocrats and GW Tokens. Both of the decks are supposed to have a positive match-up against Bant Company and Humans. In addition to this, both decks have a lot of moving parts in them and are able to create interesting and complex board states on a regular basis.

Have a good Monday everybody,

Sami Häggkvist