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We lowered prices on a bunch of our Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games! Check out all the lowered prices from the chart below. 

NameOld priceNew priceInfoConsole
B- Movie14.9511.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Castlevania Chronicles119.95109.95PAL CiB NonEngPS1-pelit
Civilization II19.9515.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Platinum)36.9531.95PAL BoxedPS1-pelit
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Platinum)33.9531.95PAL CiB AveragePS1-pelit
Digimon World 200339.9534.95PAL Boxed NonEngPS1-pelit
Fifa Football 200519.9514.95PAL NiB SealedPS1-pelit
Ghost In The Shell119.95109.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Hebereke's Popoitto109.9599.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Judge Dredd (Zoo Classics)17.9514.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Kensei: Sacred Fist17.9513.95PAL BoxedPS1-pelit
Kensei: Sacred Fist14.9511.95PAL Boxed NonEngPS1-pelit
Kensei: Sacred Fist16.9513.95PAL CiB NonEngPS1-pelit
Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure, The12.959.95PAL CiB NonEngPS1-pelit
Legend of Legaia39.9531.95PAL Boxed GermanPS1-pelit
Mega Man Legends 2129.95119.95PAL CiB ExcellentPS1-pelit
Mega Man Legends 2119.95104.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Metal Gear Solid44.9536.95PAL BoxedPS1-pelit
Metal Gear Solid (Platinum)44.9537.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Metal Gear Solid Special Missions26.9521.95PAL BoxedPS1-pelit
NAMCO Museum Vol. 337.9529.95PAL CiB ScnPS1-pelit
Namco Soccer Prime Goal24.9521.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Nightmare Creatures II89.9579.95PAL CiB Label MissingPS1-pelit
Poy Poy69.9559.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Psychic Detective69.9559.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Rage Racer19.9515.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Rage Racer17.9513.95PAL BoxedPS1-pelit
Resident Evil 2 Promotional Item Standee Zombie499.95419.95Loose OKPS1-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Resident Evil 2 Promotional Store Standee - Heroes499.95419.95Loose OKPS1-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Risk19.9515.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Shadow Master19.9515.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Shadow Master15.9511.95PAL Boxed NonEngPS1-pelit
Shoot29.9524.95NiB Sealed
Spec Ops: Airborne Commando19.9514.95PAL NiB Sealed NonEngPS1-pelit
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (White Label)29.9526.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams49.9539.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Street Fighter Collection 2 (White Label)29.9526.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Swagman29.9526.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
The Crow: City of Angels19.9515.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
The Land Before Time Return To The Great Valley19.9511.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
The Unholy War44.9537.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Theme Park World14.9511.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Theme Park World11.959.95PAL CiB NonEngPS1-pelit
Theme Park World (Classics)12.959.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Warhawk19.9517.95PAL CiBPS1-pelit
Yetisports Deluxe19.9514.95PAL NiB Sealed NonEngPS1-pelit


NameOld priceNew priceInfoConsole
Armored Core 219.9515.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Armored Core 217.9513.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness19.9514.95NTSC CiBPS2-pelit
Dot Hack Infection (+DVD)39.9531.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy29.9524.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition24.9519.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Jak II: Renegade15.9511.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Jak II: Renegade13.959.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Jak II: Renegade13.959.95PAL BoxedPS2-pelit
Jak II: Renegade (Platinum)13.959.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
King of Fighters Maximum Impact 219.9517.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
La Pucelle: Tactics (Disgaea Zero)49.9544.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Legaia 2: Duel Saga17.9513.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Masters of the Universe - He-Man: Defender of Grayskull17.9513.95PAL BoxedPS2-pelit
Metal Slug 322.9517.95PAL BoxedPS2-pelit
Metal Slug 424.9521.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Metropolismania17.9515.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Obscure29.9526.95PAL BoxedPS2-pelit
Secret Agent Clank24.9521.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Secret Agent Clank21.9519.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Shadow of the Colossus (With 4 Art Cards)44.9539.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Shadow of the Colossus (With 4 Art Cards)49.9544.95PAL SCN CiBPS2-pelit
Shadow of the Colossus (With 4 Art Cards)39.9536.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga29.9526.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Silpheed: The Lost Planet (Hot Price!)19.9517.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
Super Bust-A-Move 29.956.95PAL Non-English CiBPS2-pelit
The King Of Fighters 200219.9515.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
The King of Fighters XI19.9517.95PAL NonEng CiBPS2-pelit
The Red Star19.9514.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Time Crisis II14.9512.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit
Wireless SingStar Microphones Playstation 2 / Playstation 359.9549.95PAL CiBPS2-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim49.9539.95PAL CiBPS2-pelit


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