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Console Campaign - Retromagia's massive game sale will start at 00:01 on Friday the 1st, and last until Sunday, March 31! 

For each week of March, we chose a featured console (...or sometimes even consoles!). During that week, there will be a bunch of amazing offers for the featured console!

  • 1.3. - 10.3. Nintendo 8-bit 
  • 11.3. - 17.3. Super Nintendo
  • 18.3. - 24.3. Playstation 1 & 2 
  • 25.3. - 31.3. XBOX, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, SEGA, Game Boy Advance

New discounts will be revealed at 12:00 on Mondays and last for the rest of the week!

XBOX -25% 
SEGA -25% 
GAME BOY -25% 
NINTENDO 64 -15%

Stay tuned, because it's GAME ON!

Remember to check out our lower game prices! 

NameOld priceNew priceInfoConsole
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighters34.9524.95Loose AverageMega Drive -pelit
Thunder Force IV89.9575.95PAL CiB OKMega Drive -pelit
Gain Ground49.9544.95PAL CiB OKMega Drive -pelit
Spider-Man (vs the Kingpin)31.9526.95PAL Boxed OKMega Drive -pelit
Ms. Pac- Man29.9524.95PAL CiB OKMaster System -pelit
Spy vs. Spy29.9524.95PAL CiB OKMaster System -pelit
Spawn: In the Demon's Hand89.9579.95Sisältö: Game + Box + Manual (CiB)Dreamcast-pelit
Street Fighter III: 3RD Strike89.9579.95Sisältö: Game + Box + Manual (CiB)Dreamcast-pelit
Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage69.9559.95Sisältö: Game + Box + Manual (CiB)Dreamcast-pelit
Red Dog: Superior Firepower34.9529.95Sisältö: Game + Box + Manual (CiB)Dreamcast-pelit
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour34.9529.95Sisältö: Game + Box + Manual (CiB)Dreamcast-pelit
The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past79.9569.95PAL SCN LooseSNES-pelit
Body Harvest14.9511.95PAL LooseN64-pelit
Carmageddon 6424.9521.95PAL Cib OKN64-pelit
Carmageddon 6414.9511.95PAL LooseN64-pelit
Chameleon Twist (Rental Case)39.9534.95PAL Rental Case CiBN64-pelit
Cruis'n World19.9516.95PAL LooseN64-pelit
3rd Party Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak9.957.95LooseN64 -konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
The Jetsons: Robot Panic29.9524.95Loose OKGB-pelit
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival16.9512.95Loose OKGBA-pelit
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival21.9517.95Boxed OKGBA-pelit
Pokemon Moon34.9531.95Factory Sealed3DS-pelit
Pokemon Moon Fan Edition39.9534.95Factory Sealed3DS-pelit
Pokemon Sun Fan Edition39.9534.95Factory Sealed3DS-pelit
Mario Kart Super Circuit17.9514.95Loose OKGBA-pelit
Mario Kart Super Circuit29.9526.95CiB OKGBA-pelit
 26.9521.95CiB AverageGBA-pelit
Perfect Dark29.9524.95PAL CiB OKGBC-pelit
Elevator Action EX34.9529.95Sisältö: Loose (Game only)GBC-pelit
Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams24.9521.95Sisältö: Loose (Game only)GBC-pelit
Super Mario Bros. (NES Classics)49.9544.95PAL CiB ExcellentGBA-pelit
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts34.9531.95Loose OKGBA-pelit
Nintendo DS Download Station399.95349.95SpecialDS-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Luminous Arc 2 (Limited Edition)49.9539.95PAL CiBDS-pelit
PSP Console 1000 - Series Pink Bundle79.9569.95Loose ConsolePSP-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Metal Slug 324.9519.95PAL CiB OKXbox-pelit
The King of Fighters 200219.9517.95PAL CiB OKXbox-pelit
Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (Classics)19.957.95PAL CiB OKXbox-pelit