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Magic the Gathering Finnish Nationals 2018

Metagame breakdown Finnish MTG Nationals 2018

BR Aggro35
Esper Control15
SteelLeaf Stompy11
MonoU Storm10
UW Approach9
UB Midrange8
GB Snake7
Turbo Fog6
Approachless UW6
Grixis Midrange5
UW Gift4
UB Control3
GR Ghalta2
MonoB Zombies2
MonoG Aggro2
Bant Midrange1
MonoW Aggro1
BW Vampires1
WR Aggro1
Grixis Storm1
UR Aggro1
UR Storm1
UR Dragons1
MonoB Control1
BW Knights1
MonoW Lifegain1