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Three GPs were played during the past weekend, format being Modern in all of them. The results were pretty woeful; the finals of Melbourne, Bologna and Detroit consisted of five UW Eldrazis and 1 Abzan Company. The Top 8 lists of the above mentioned events can found from here:

GP Melbourne (

GP Bologna (

GP Detroit (

It's pretty hard to imagine that Wizards wouldn't react to this kind of dominance within such short period of time. I'd say the past weekend was Eldrazi's "Last Hurrah" in it's current form.

Regarding upcoming events, players can turn their eyes on Standard, which is in a lot healthier state. I greatly enjoy the games because the games tend to drag long and you get to make a lot of decicions during these long-lasting games. Often times I'm left wonder if I could've done something differently or taken a different strategic approach in a certain game. Simply put, there are a lot of different routes you can take in this format and it rewards well planned and tight gaming. Also, I'd advice players to be very aware of the clock as this format tends to create a lot of unintentional draws due to running out of time.  

Next weekend Poro GP Standard ( will take place here in Pasila. It's one of the last big Standard events before rotation comes along with Shadows over Innistrad, which I imagine will shape standard pretty much upside down. Goodbye 4- and 5-color manabases, it's been a fun ride!

Have a great Monday everybody,

Sami Häggkvist